Hand-crafted, Small Batch Cold Processed

Goat Milk Soap.  

The benefits of goat milk soap are

known around the world.


ZiegenVine Homestead soaps

are formulated on the farm to be a

gentle cleanser for your skin.  

The milk in the our soap comes from our 

here right here on the farm.

   Goats who have names  like   Cora, Millie, Lillie, Calypso, Penelope & Lorraine.

Our bars are relatively large typically

5-7 oz each.  Minimum size is 4 oz - although rarely that small.  

  We pride ourselves in using

whole ingredients. 

 Please read the

ingredients list for each bar

as each batch varies.

Simple Ingredients. 

Simply Soap.  Simply Clean.

Goldenrod Goat Milk Soap
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