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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there refunds or make-ups for classes?

A. There are no refunds or make-ups unless the class gets cancelled by ZiegenVine Homestead, LLC.


Q. Can I transfer my ticket? Can I check in without my ticket? Do I need to print out my ticket? Can I resell my ticket?

A Yes- you can transfer your registration to another person.  You cannot transfer dates.  No- You don't have to print your ticket- just make sure you have a screen shot of the QR-code.   You cannot resell your ticket.  

Q. Are spectators allowed at Yoga on the Homestead (with Goats!!!)?

A. No.  We understand that many people come to yoga on the homestead (with goats) and don't want to do yoga. You still need to pay for the class, we have a limited amount of space for the class.   You can also contact the farm about coming for a farm visit- we love sharing our farming adventure with everyone.  Also- if you want to volunteer for an afternoon of farm chores- we would gladly schedule some time for you.  :) 

Q. Are there any bathrooms?

A. There is an outdoor bathroom with a flushing toilet - near the yoga area.  

Q. What if it rains?

A.  We plan ahead and move the session into the upstairs of the barn- don't worry - animals don't live in this area of the barn! 

Q. What kind of goats are they?

A. They are a Nubian-Boar cross.  They are a full size goats and can weight as much as 125 lbs.  The kids are much smaller but do grow quickly.  We also have an adopted herd that are mostly an Alpine-Toggenberg cross.  


Q. Can we pick them up?

A. There is a very specific way to pick up a goat so we would prefer to assist you in picking them up.

Q. ​Do you milk the goats?

A. Yes!  We will be have Goats Milk Soap available for purchase in the future, please check out the Farm Store page.  

Q. Why don't you offer more classes?

A. The land and goats need rest.  

Q. What about the goat poo?

A. Yes, goats do poo!  The sessions are held in a grassy field (not in the goat pen) so any poop becomes part of the Earth and you'll barely notice it! They have been known to drop a few pellets on a mat or even to pee on a mat- we are prepared to handle that situation with disinfecting wipes. Simply inform the helpers during class that you have raisinets or lemonaide on your mat and we will gladly clean it for you.  

Q. What happens in a typical Goat Yoga class?

You will learn about the goats and the farm.  We start with a a warmup appropriate for all levels.  Move on to a blended yoga style and end with a reflection session.  We welcome questions about the goats, farm and yoga.  

Q. How do we find the pictures from our class?

A.  Photos are posted to the farms social media channels full albums are posted on Facebook.   Look for the links at the bottom of the page.   

Q. Can we just come and pet the goats without yoga? I don't really do yoga.

A. Yoga with goats is a very casual fun environment. You are welcome to just sit, meditate and pet the goats but you do have to still sign up for a class & pay for registration.  

Q. All of your classes are full and I really want to come, should I call and email you a bunch of times until I get in?

A. No. Just see if you can find another class to come to or schedule a private session for your and your friends! 

Q. How long is class?

A. Each class is a hour and a half with approximately 45 minutes to one hour of yoga.  People are welcome to stay after to take pictures and mingle with goats!   The goats do get tired may decide they are done by wandering back to their pen.


Q. Are children permitted in classes?

​A. For the safety of the child we require them to be 6 years old and comfortable around animals. They should be able to make it through a fun yoga class and not wander around. The goats do not discriminate  who they jump on.  You need to buy your child a ticket to class. Children 10-15 need to have a parent in class with them.  

Q. How do I sign up for a class?

A. Click on the tab "Yoga on the Homestead". Then click on the calendar at the side of the page on the date you want to come to class. Then click on "Register Now". You will be directed to Eventbrite and pay by credit card for your class.

Q. Do you have yoga mats we can use, we are  are coming in from out of town?

A. We do have a limited number of yoga mats available.


Q. What should I wear ?

A. You may wear whatever you want to goat yoga. Some people wear yoga gear others wear jeans- just check the weather before heading to the homestead and dress in layers if necessary.   If you would like to visit with the herd after class - closed toed shoes are HIGHLY recommended!!!  

Q. Do you offer private or corporate classes?

A. Yes- please call 607-207-5730 to discuss your needs.  Girls day? Guys Day?  Bachelorette yoga?  Corporate team building?  Birthday Celebrations? Family Reunions? Give us a call!  

Q. Do your goats travel?

A. Right now - no.  We are considering getting a proper vehicle for transportation to take them to sites where the site is pre-approved (as in no herbicides, pesticides, or unnatural chemicals that may cause harm to our goats.  

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