Goat Yoga on the Homestead 

Just what is Goat Yoga on the Homestead?? 

It is an opportunity to get outside into the fresh air and do some yoga with goats added to the mix!   Yoga with Goats is 100% a way to connect with nature and enjoy some farm fresh air!  

Goat Yoga offers something for everyone regardless of yoga experience or ability. In addition to typical benefits of yoga, like practice slowing down and being present, this unique opportunity offers people the chance to tune into nature and, in the process, into themselves. Try doing a pose with an adorable baby goat (or kid) nuzzling up to you without smiling - even if you say you dont like animals or you are a "city girl" !  Goat Yoga is where you want to be!  

While the goats are a very social animal - we limit our class size to 35 people to keep it a more intimate setting.  


We have teamed up with Yoga Instructors Elizabeth Moses and Barbara Nicholson—to offer Goat Yoga on the Homestead.


Due to Covid-19 we will be cancelling classes in case of rain or inclement weather.  Please provide accurate information when registering in case of cancellation.  


Upcoming Events

  • Goat Yoga on the Homestead!
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, Aug 27
    Aug 27, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
    Savona, 8469 Oak Hill Rd, Savona, NY 14879, USA
    Come join the herd for our 6th season of Goat Yoga!